Veterinarian crawls into kennel to sleep with dog who got hurt in fire.

Taka, a puppy, almost ended his life in a fire. The eight-year-old’s house caught fire last week while he was on the porch. Despite their best efforts, his family was unable to arrive in time and had to abandon the residence.

A miracle happened

Taka escaped the porch on his own and ran down the street. A kind neighbour eventually discovered the puppy and ran to the Care More Animal Hospital in Martinez, Georgia.

“He had burns around his eyes, mouth, ears and belly,” Emily Martin, a veterinarian at Care More Animal Hospital, explained. “We didn’t know how bad his injuries were at first because we were concerned about inhalation burns.”

Taka’s eyes were also severely damaged… Unfortunately, he ended up going blind.

Taka was taken to the University of Georgia clinic after the veterinary team noticed he was having problems breathing. He could be hooked up to an oxygen machine there. Taka was able to return to Care More Animal Hospital after a few days, and they are doing everything they can to assist.

Martin was moved

“I try to treat my patients the same way, but his case has pulled the heart out a little more,” Martin explained. “When he came in, he was screaming in pain.”

Martin communicated with Taka’s family shortly after he arrived at the veterinary hospital, and Taka was eventually relinquished to Martin’s care due to his health. Martin has since resolved to become more than Taka’s veterinarian: she has become his mother.

Martin took Taka home at night because the hospital was not open 24 hours a day. As a result, he did not have to sleep alone. Martin crawled into Taka’s kennel at the veterinary hospital the next day and they slept together.

One of Martin’s co-workers caught the fluffy moment:

Taka’s gentleness, despite everything he’s going through, is one of the most amazing things about him, in Martin’s opinion. “When the animals are in pain, they frequently bite.” He didn’t even try to bite once.”

While it’s too soon to say how Taka’s burns will effect him in the long run, Martin and the other veterinarians are optimistic about his chances, especially because he’s eating and going to the toilet on his own.

“He’s definitely in a lot of pain, but we’re hoping he’ll be fine,” Martin explained.

Taka’s personality is beginning to shine

“He likes belly rubs and loves food, so he’s a pig,” Martin explained. “He also likes to hug.”

Martin has grown very devoted to Taka and has considered adopting him permanently. The mother, on the other hand, already has five additional canines and a seven-month-old baby. As a result, she concedes that her home may not be the best setting for Taka, who will require a lot of special attention.

Martin is determined to find him the finest home possible, with someone who see him as a unique dog. “He went through something so traumatic and painful, and yet he doesn’t give up,” Martin explained. “He’s so tough.”

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