Tiny stray Chihuahua puppy falls from the sky and fights to survive

Two Texas construction workers were working away when they heard what appeared to be a little dog sobbing. When they discovered the noise was coming from above them, they were able to locate it after initially exploring the building site in vain.

A hawk was circling the skies while holding a little dog between his claws.

Just as the construction workers understood what was happening on above them, the hawk let go of the dog, sending him careening down to the earth. The Chihuahua puppy was nearby, so the construction workers hurried over, picked him up, and hurried him to the closest veterinary facility, with their fingers that he would be well. Because the puppy was not microchipped and no one came forward to claim him, Austin Animal Center was given custody of him (AAC).

When the puppy first came at the shelter, everyone was astounded by his amazing tale and gave him the name “Miracle Puppy” since it was absolutely astounding that such a little animal had survived such a great fall. The infant was only 6 weeks old, and after everything he had gone through, all he wanted was to be loved by his new shelter buddies.

When I first saw this tiny dog, not long after he entered our shelter, all he wanted was to be held, said Jennifer Olohan, AAC’s manager of communication and publicity, to The Dodo. He continued attempting to walk to the front of his kennel to meet me while being connected to an IV for fluid administration. I held him close as I could while monitoring his IV. He’s a real darling, for sure!

Everyone at the shelter then gave the dog the moniker Tony Hawk. Despite the severity of his fall, Tony only suffered minor scratches to his head and chest, and his rescuers were pleased to find that he would recover completely.

Oddly enough, Olohan said that Tony Hawk only had minor wounds. “He has some scabs on his head and shoulders from the hawk’s talons, but that’s all!” There were no broken bones or internal injuries as a result of the fall. It’s nothing less than a miracle!”

Tony’s origins are unknown, whether he was a stray born on the streets or a puppy rescued from a backyard. Regardless, his shelter family is pleased he came to them and delighted that he is currently doing so well. He’ll stay with a foster family until he’s old enough to be neutered, at which point the shelter will begin seeking for a permanent home for him.

“At this moment, his foster has been besieged with adoption applications and has some extremely wonderful candidates,” Olohan stated.

Tony’s rocky start in life hasn’t dimmed his lovely disposition or bouncy attitude, and his shelter pals believe he’ll be the ideal furry addition to a very lucky family.

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