They took one of her puppy away and let her lie there helpless with the hunger puppy

This mother dog cried when she lost her puppy. She used to have 2 puppies that always followed her. When the person who took the puppy away wounded her, Black Puppy didn’t know how to aid her mother.

She didn’t get up until the old lady she knew walked by. The kind lady brought her quickly to a nearby veterinarian. At that time she was still afraid of strangers, she had two bullets in her

“Body Confused and worried. Why would somebody do such a thing to their family? I can’t stop crying just looking at her “The lady stated.

No one operated on her because it was a weekend. She had to take her to another veterinarian. After 3.5 hours drive she arrived. When she spotted a lot of people, the dog hid, but the dog wanted her at her side.

The bullet almost broke her bladder, Doctors were racing against time to help her and the pup, as she wasn’t too far from troubles we were constantly encountering at the time, Vita refused to eat anything, just drank water.

“By now the puppy had a fever. The physicians prescribed her medicine. We believed the suffering would be over soon.”

The next day she ate very little and drank water. But the good news was that the puppy had cooled down. She seemed happier and more mobile than the day before.

Removing the bullet would be risky for her, meanwhile her chance to walk was still there, what Doctors had to do was be patient.

“Days later I had to feed her myself otherwise she won’t make it. I know she’s worried about the puppy. To get past this, she needed to be stronger. She had another puppy who need her assistance.”

She improved with love and patience. She began practicing every day. They needed to encourage her since she still had a long way to go in her rehabilitation.

“There were times I could only cry. But if I gave up, it would be for naught. I simply need to brush away the tears and go on. And, after several months, our efforts had paid off.”

After all, Vita could walk like normal dogs. Her diet helped her acquire weight swiftly. More significant was her transformation. She is not as depressed as she once was, but she is happier.

She is heavy to recognize she is so pretty and the puppy was adopted by a family in Germany. Busya is her name, and she has grown quite pretty.

We hoped for a nice life for the other puppy. And we are confident that God will safeguard that puppy.

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