The poor puppy was abandoned, kept barking, looked helpless, it cried, it takes the pot as its home

THE Barber Rescues Stray Dogs, a barber shop owner lives in a backward rural area where few people consciously spay their dogs.

Dogs are over-bred and puppies are abandoned almost every day. His main goal is to help stray animals, find suitable adopters for abandoned puppies, neuter stray dogs, and make people pay more attention to the dogs around them.

Someone put a puppy in front of his shop, it was crawling around.

The owner of the barber shop found him in front of his shop. the poor puppy was very scared and hungry. He was very beautiful and clean, why someone can abandoned this pure soul.

The kind man had other dogs in his home so he decided to take him home. he gived the poor puppy food and a warm home.

The puppy is still scared but he is in good health. The man decided to keep him and adopt him forever.

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