The dog overcame the difficulty of having tape stuck around his mouth, becoming the superman of dogs .5duc

Caitlyn, a chocolate brown bull terrier-mix, now resembles a well-cared-for and healthy bull terrier. However, her journey to health and happiness began after enduring horrifying abuse.

On May 27, 2015, a viral image of Caitlyn shocked the world. Her swollen muzzle was bound tightly with electrical tape, all because her former owner wanted to stop her from barking. The tape was wrapped so tightly that Caitlyn suffered this torment for an estimated 48 hours without food or water.

Thankfully, the Charleston Animal Society rescued Caitlyn, and she underwent jaw reconstruction surgery led by Dr. Henri Bianucci and the staff of Veterinary Specialty Care in Mount Pleasant. They managed to save her tongue and restore her damaged mouth, though she bears a scar as a reminder of her ordeal.

But Caitlyn no longer has to fear further mistreatment; she found a loving owner, Ted Corvery, who had worked for Charleston County in prosecuting Caitlyn’s abuser, William Leonard Dodson.

Corvey recalls forming a strong connection with Caitlyn during the legal proceedings, which emotionally invested him in her case. Dodson pleaded guilty in 2015 and received a five-year prison sentence for animal abuse, marking the end of Caitlyn’s suffering.

Today, four years later, Caitlyn thrives in a loving environment. Corvey describes her as “super sweet and very playful.” She’s found her forever home with Corvey, and she even has canine companions to play with, including puggle-mix Lucy and Dachshund-mix Sully.

Caitlyn’s story has transcended her personal transformation; she has become an inspiration for the fight against animal cruelty. She’s been featured in newspapers, magazines, websites, and TV shows as a mascot for improving animal welfare.

Corvey, a champion of animal welfare, hopes Caitlyn’s story will continue to inspire and raise awareness about the importance of treating animals with kindness and compassion. From an abused animal to a symbol of hope in the fight against animal cruelty, Caitlyn’s journey is truly inspiring.

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