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The Best Passionflower Varieties: 26 Types of Vines

These vines are also popular as some varieties produce Passion Fruit. If you want to include ornamental flowers in your garden, then check

out some beautiful Types of Passionflower Vines!

Types of Passionflower Vines

1. Snow Queen Passionflower

If you want a wonderful display of flowers and foliage, then this is the one to grow. With pure white flowers and large green leaves, it adds an

eye-catching contrasting appeal.

2. Winged-Stem Passionflower

Winged-Stem Passionflower features fiery red petals and white and purple filaments that stay shut around the anthers and produce an

exceptional scent.

3. Purple Passionflower

It is the most common type native to Texas. The local gardeners in Texas also call it May-Pop as the fruits pop out loudly if you happen to

step on them.

4. Blue Crown Passionflower

If your primary lookout is fragrance, then consider growing this one. It is a hybrid plant that is widely available and easy to maintain.

5. Perfumed Passionflower

A hardy vine that produces bright scarlet-colored flowers with edible fruits and yellow-colored filaments. Expose it to plenty of indirect and

bright light for best growth.

6. Elizabeth Passionflower

It showcases stunning flowers in shades of lavender. The flat petals curl and twist around each other, giving it a unique appearance.

7. White Wedding Passionflower

White Wedding is a vigorous climber that produces huge fragrant flowers in pure white color that match well with its blue-green foliage.

8. Constance Elliot Passionflower

You can easily recognize Constance Elliot by their white petals and intense fragrance. It needs good sun exposure to bloom well.

9. Gritensis Passionflower

It is one of the most beautiful choices among the Passionflower vines around. With huge fuchsia petals, it looks stunning on green foliage.

10. Incense Passionflower

With wavy, long filaments, the petals and corona are deep purple, producing sweet, delicious fruits. It is one of the hardiest passionflowers

that can survive low temperatures.

11. Lady Margaret Passionflower

With gorgeous raspberry-red-colored petals similar to its scarlet parent, lovely hybrid Lady Margaret is a cross-pollinate between Incarnata

and Coccinea.

12. Passion Fruit

This variety of Passionflower vine has blue and white tiny petals. It produces edible fruits that are both tasty and nutritious.

13. Banana Passion Fruit

With tubular petals, it grows flowers in white or pale pink shades. It requires relatively more care than the other varieties on this list.

14. Red Passionflower

The huge red passionflower is 4-5 inches in diameter and looks attractive with white and purple filaments over the red petals. You can also

enjoy the fruits!

15. Stinking Passionflower

Do not let the name fool you into thinking this is not a worthy vine. It gets its name because of the odor the leaves exude when crushed.

16. Cincinnata Passionflower

With dark purpled blooms, Cincinnata belongs to Brazil. It is a crossbreed with other varieties and looks spectacular with its large purple


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