Terrified dog tied to fence with shoelace near rubbish tip leaves people in tears

 A scared dog was discovered left near a landfill, tethered to a fence with just a single shoelace. The stray dog was spotted “shivering and afraid” by a concerned woman taking out her trash in Missouri, US, and she generously stayed with the dog till animal services arrived.

Stay Rescue of St. Louis published the terrible images of the underweight dog appearing distressed and lonely on Facebook. He was discovered sitting on an unloved sofa, with a collar that indicated he was someone’s pet. Animal lovers were heartbroken by the news, and the message moved some to tears.

“This small infant was found shivering early this morning and tied up with a shoestring,” the Facebook post said.

“A kind lady discovered him and remained with him until we came.” Shoestring was his name. He’s terrified (and rightly so!) but extremely lovely.”

More than a thousand people shared the photographs, and hundreds were moved by his heartbreaking narrative.

“The poor dear must have been terrified and perplexed. “He must be burdened with worry and despair,” one commenter commented.

“I swear his eyes appear a bit sorrowful with grief and hope at the same time,” someone said, while a third concurred, saying, “His eyes tell a narrative.”

Many individuals sent comments thanking the “good Samaritan” who stayed at his side.

“The lady is a true hero for sticking by him,” one person said, while another added, “Thank you for seeing something, speaking something, and not turning a blind eye!” “You are truly an angel.”

The animal charity made an online call for someone in the area to step forward and foster the sad pooch.

“We are beyond maximum capacity – in fact, we are the most full we have ever been,” it said, adding, “He’s just a few months old and deserves affection.”

Thankfully, a great family read the plea and came to foster him, posting images of him safe and happy at home in the comments area.

“He’s at my daughter’s place tonight.” She is now his foster mother. “He appears to be extremely pleased,” the woman observed.

Another unfortunate canine is hoping for a happy ending after spending three years in kennels.

Many of the hundreds of dogs that arrive at Dogs Trust Leeds each year find new homes within a few weeks, but that hasn’t been the case with Jake, an eight-year-old lurcher.

Jake is the animal shelter’s longest-term inmate and looks to be Britain’s most undesired dog, having spent over 1,000 days in kennels.

The sad dog had two homes before turning one, was rehomed with Dogs Trust Leeds in 2016, but returned in 2019 due to a change in his family’s circumstances.

Despite having three homes and been in kennels twice in his life, the wonderful puppy has a heart of gold.

Local animal lovers are being urged by animal caretakers to consider opening their homes and hearts to the lonely pup.

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