Teenager Opens A Unique Animal Shelter And Has Already Rescued 26 Animals

With the help of his family, this young animal activist realised his dream of opening his own animal shelter, the EduPaçoca Institute, a month ago.

“I want to make the world a better place.” And I believe that the miracle that people seek from God can be found in the small acts that people do on a daily basis, such as feeding a stray puppy or writing letters to the elderly.”

“This year, I realised a long-held dream of mine: I founded my institute,” Edward continued. I rented a property and received financial assistance from supporters. I visit there every day. I hitchhike or ride my bike for 30 kilometres every now and then, and it is always exactly what I had hoped for.

He said, “I’m not asking for a deposit for a puppy; I’m searching for a home.” I want them to understand that even if they are not adopted, they will be with me until the day they die.”

The young man went on to say that the idea for the shelter came to him in March, when he felt compelled to help other stray dogs.Eduardo gathered ten dogs who wanted to join him after noticing that more homeless dogs were emerging every day while feeding them.He lives in a very cold climate, and most street pets die from hypothermia or another ailment.The young man chose to help because there are no municipal regulations that support animals in need.

The animal shelter is well-known for its recreational nursery, where rescued dogs participate in a variety of activities before being adopted.

«I want the Institute to be far more than just a safe haven,” Edward says. “I want them to be happy and healthy in the recreational childcare setting so that they can be adopted.”

Eduardo also vows to treat their broken hearts with great care, observing that the bulk of them arrive fearful, frightened, hurt, and insecure. Eduardo educates the shelter dogs to trust him and that he will always be there for them.

Edward said, “I realised they had similar feelings to us over those years of feeding animals on the streets.” My dog, Baiano, is continually bringing me gifts: a bottle, a dish, or a leaf. I had the idea to design a new environment. Colours, toys, entertainment, activities, music, dancing, theme parties, and birthdays abound in this nursery.

Eduardo rescued 22 dogs and four cats, which are currently being cared for at the animal shelter. Despite his wish to rescue more dogs, his organisation is still limited and can only assist the most vulnerable.

He said, “The most difficult component is deciding who to take and who to leave on the street.” Because room is still limited, I am unable to accommodate everyone.

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For the time being, he is satisfied to see the happiness, trust, and gratitude in the eyes of the creatures he can help.

The institute is a dream come true, but it is a tremendous undertaking, and Eduardo is confident in his abilities to continue working.

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