Tearful journey of a stray puppy shunned by crooked legs and touching ending

This was about 4-5 month old puppy. People shun her because of her bent legs. She wasliving  in the field. Friendly people fed her and helped her survive until she met Sheremetyevo Dog Shelter volunteers.

Until then they took her imediatelly to the vet, they didn’t know the situation they were facing. They consulted the doctor about her case. Some Vets say amputation and use a wheelchair

But they couldn’t give up easily, they couldn’t just let her go, so they contacted many doctors. in the meantime she enjoyed the food. She was shy and curious at the same time. She’s just a puppy anyway She needs attention.

Named Kissmi, She felt in interest and love around her so she loved to hug and caress. Perhaps this was the first time in her life. She was a wonderful puppy.

When she met a chiropractor at first she was scared and wanted to run away, but then she realized the doctor wanted to help her. She obeyed the examination.

“I was very happy when I got the good news at a young age  was her strength on the road to recovery, a long journey awaited us I believed we could win”

“We returned home with great joy and hope we followed the doctor’s instructions at home” Said her foster mom

She Had a massage A day with unique oils This promotes the bones and blood circulation The doctor’s technique has the predicted outcomes. Her legs are significantly slimmer For three weeks Kissmi has been going about in a plaster cast.

“It started to get better, we ordered a special splint for her plus we kept giving her massages and vitamins ins It was a journey of our relentless effort and she had a hard time getting used to the splint” Said her foster

“The journey included our sweat. It took some time and tears, but the results it gave us were totally worth it”

It was the day that she will never forget, that day she run so fast in happiness,  she ran for the first time in her life.

She is incredibly clever and recalls fast and with each passing day she has gotten more lovely and healthier A completely new life has been opened up for her. A sweet living a nice life. A beautiful child where her loved ones are on her side Best wishes to you and all your loved.

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