She’s Given Birth on The Concrete In Cold, Stray Mother Dog With Broken Legs Fighting To Save Her puppies

The Diasozo Animal Rescue Team of Karditsa, Greece, is a small organization of volunteers rescuing, treating and rehoming abandoned and neglected strays from Karditsa, Greece.

They are trying hard to eliminate stray dog in Greece, but every time the job gets more difficult, the number of stray dogs keeps increasing in a weird phenomena, and one of the most difficult situations is having small puppies alone or with a helpless mother, and this a Similar casse.

This female Greek Kokkoni lived in a village where some inhabitants offered her food and water, but sadly none of them wanted to neuter her, so the inevitable happened.

She’s given birth on the concrete floor of a yard, and, according to what The Diasozo Animal Rescue Team told, approximately three days later she was hit by a car, which makes sense as her back limb is in a bad way.

As she’s breastfeeding her small offspring, The rescue team of The Diasozo Animal Rescue Team had no choice but to take her and her four puppies to the vets. As it’s Sunday evening in Karditsa, vet Rania has provided pain relief and in the next day morning, first thing, they wll make a comprehensive assessment, but today she’s secure with her babies, and has been fed, hydrated and made comfortable. Her name is Souzi.

Can you fathom, in northern Europe or the States, a gorgeous small dog like this living as a stray?

Vet Rania began early in the next day, giving Souzi a thorough looking over to assess the damage, and as expected, her leg is in a bad shape with a break in two places and damaged skin, so her and her four puppies will be staying in with Rania for a little period.

Happily she’s able to nurse her pups no trouble and, given they’re so young, they’re not straying far from mum! She’ll be a lot more comfortable now, and everything can be put right for her.

Souzi is realy adorable gorgeous girl, She’d be adopted in a heartbeat. Thank you The Diasozo Animal Rescue for protecting this lovely hearts.

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