She Was Kept On A Heavy Chain So Short, She Couldn’t Leave The Stairs For Years

While some individuals love their pets like they are part of the family, others unfortunately enslave them to neglect and bad circumstances. Unfortunately, Libre experienced the latter.

The four-year-old guard-dog of an abandoned home in Cagua, Venezuela, was kept tied up day and night without food or water. The thick chain around her neck made it impossible for her to breathe, and it was so short that she couldn’t even lay her down.

Thankfully, her misery eventually came to an end when concerned neighbors noticed how her owner was abusing her, and quickly reported them to the police and local animal shelter.

When rescuers came, Libre was famished and joyfully ate up all of the food that they provided her.

They removed the chain to show raw flesh around her neck, which was damaged by years of hanging from the tight metal chain around her neck. They treated her wound and got her adequate medical attention.

Libre is now embracing life and is immensely appreciative for her second opportunity.

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