Puppy that only had its owner in this life waits for him every day without knowing that he will not return

In addition to the fidelity that distinguishes them, dog and human relationships are stronger than those of any other animal. A puppy in Mexico who waits for his human every day is living testimony of this, but he has no idea that he will never return.

Jacob is a stray puppy who walked the streets of the Olivares neighbourhood in the municipality of Hermosillo, Sonora, as a child.

A security guard who worked every day adopted him as a puppy and cared for him.

The puppy lived virtually his whole life with the wonderful man, and their connection was filled with love.

The dog’s loyalty was unrivalled; he followed him to work every day and waited for him at the doorway to accompany him home.

What else could the small animal want?

He had a wonderful home and a family who filled him with love and affection, but one terrible night when the guard left to perform his duties, he came across two people fighting and was gravely injured when he tried to separate them.

Jacob is still waiting for his dear friend every night, hoping to see him again. Every day, he sits on the sidewalk and gazes at the door of the establishment where his human works. When night falls and he is tired, he lies down and falls asleep.

So they spend every day, and his inexhaustible anguish is reflected on his face and his already ageing physique. Heydi Rivera, a neighbour in the area, realised what the animal was doing and proceeded to investigate the circumstances that caused it to live that way.

Heydi is a dog lover who devotes her life to rescuing them from the streets.

She was overjoyed to learn of the tragic events that the devoted dog had to live through. Jacob was nicknamed Hachiko of Sonora because of the similarities between his story and that of the well-known Japanese dog, for whom he waited for his human, who died, at the railway station, where they always went after work, for nine long years.

“Jacob, every night he waits for his master on the outskirts of his work, as if waiting to see him leave and return home with him.” “Because his master never leaves, he retires and seeks refuge on the sidewalk of a house,” said Heydi.

The woman is concerned about the life that the isolated animal is leading; she is not having fun, she relies on the care that some people can offer her, and the risk she faces on the street is enormous.

“He’s already been hit in the street and sent to the veterinarian. I can feed him, and the lords of the house contribute leftovers, but this is insufficient. “He needs a home where he can spend his final years feeling loved by a family,” the woman stated.

The original Hachiko, who waited for his master at the train station for years.

Heydi and other neighbours are working hard to find him a family to adopt him. However, Jacob is still waiting for his caring human being, a fidelity to all hardships for which life will soon reward him.

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