Pit Bull Chained Up In Snow Cried For Help And A Police Officer Gave Her The Chance Of A Lifetime

Dog owners realize that it is not the breed of the dog that matters, but how the dog is raised, treated, and loved.

Pit bulls’ notoriety has claimed far too many lives to count. But one police officer is working hard to change that reputation, one incorrect assumption at a time.

Officer Justin Bruzgul’s bio: Kiah was saved from a horrific existence by Bruzgul. He discovered her tied up in the snow, cold and pleading for assistance.

He saw in her what was clear to him: steadfast devotion, intellect, and a golden heart.

He realized she could assist people, so he decided to take Kiah under his wing and teach her to be a K9 officer.

Kiah completed the test with flying colors and became New York State’s first Pit Bull K9 officer.

Kiah’s rescue and metamorphosis illustrate one thing… Pit bulls are wonderful dogs!

In fact, in addition to working hard on the job, Kiah and Officer Bruzgul make it their goal to teach others about the breed’s reality.

Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes are the most common breeds seen in shelters. If more people are made aware of their actual potential and who these dogs are, it has the ability to place thousands (if not millions) of dogs in forever homes.

The K9 team has also demonstrated that Pit Bulls are capable of serving. Instead of paying an average of $20,000 on a police dog, police agencies may turn to shelters where there are plenty of eligible dogs waiting.

Many dogs who are euthanized due to overpopulation can be rehabilitated. Isn’t that something to be happy about?

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