People Laughed At Him For Looking Like A “Pig”, But Only He Knew The Pain He Was In


A man was strolling down the street when he noticed a homeless dog with a terribly swollen face. While others were delighted by the dog’s situation, the concerned man did not ignore it.

He contacted the animal rescue organization Animal Aid Unlimited (AAU) for assistance. When a rescue squad arrived at the scene to assist the dog, they were unprepared for the horrible image that greeted them.

The rescuers were concerned when they noticed that the dog resembled a pig due to the enormous swelling on his face.

The dog greeted the rescuers with tail wags and even accepted their treats, but every time they went to touch him, he flinched in pain.

After several futile attempts to capture the dog, the rescuers were forced to use a net to hold the sad critter.

The vet at the shelter was quick to diagnose the swelling as a result of a severe abscess on the dog’s cheek. The abscess was shaved and drained before being cleansed and sutured.

The rescuers had no idea if the medication would work, but they kept a close eye on the dog and hoped he would live.

In this video, we watch the dog’s astonishing recovery after only two weeks of medical treatment. His swelling has subsided totally, and he again appears to be a regular dog!

With his bright smile, sparkly eyes, and cuddling personality, he has grown into one stunning pup.

We would like to thank the entire AAU team for their outstanding rescue efforts, as well as the concerned bystander who did not turn a blind eye!

Watch the video below to see how the rescuers converted a bad situation into a happy ending.

WARNING: The video’s content may be upsetting to some viewers.

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