Nearly Lifeless Dog Found Tied Inside a Plastic Bag Gets a Fresh Beginning.0h

A puppy was discovered tied up in a plastic garbage bag in Transylvania, Romania, in July.

When they opened it, they discovered her leg was fractured, and maggots began devouring her flesh. The puppy was also malnourished, dehydrated, and had suffered a significant head injury.

“The dog is suspected to have been cruelly battered in order to end her life,” Helen Taylor told Bored Panda.

The dog was taken to Transylvania Animal Care for emergency medical care.

Doctors treated the swelling in her brain first, then removed the dog-eating maggots. In celebration of her resolve to survive, they called the dog “Anora,” which means “light.”

She was eventually taken to England and adopted by Helen Taylor’s loving family. Anora just underwent leg surgery and is doing well.

She moved from being a puppy who couldn’t walk and was dying to a dog that is now healthy, has loving owners, and will soon be able to run about.

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