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Muscle Car Drags (1987) 426 HEMI vs 429-SCJ vs 455-GS vs 454-LS6 vs Boss 429 vs 455-SD vs 440-6pk

The Muscle Car Drags of 1987 was a legendary drag racing event that exhibited the fastest and most powerful muscle cars of the era. The competition consisted of head-to-head battles between classic American muscle cars, all racing to determine which vehicle was the quickest on the quarter-mile strip.

In this article, we’ll delve into some of the standout moments of the race and explore the specifications and features of some of the most impressive cars on display.

One of the race’s highlights was the clash between Jack Schnitzer’s ’63 Dodge Polaris 426 Max Wedge Automatic and Len Greco’s ’69 Super Bee 440 Six-Pack Four-Speed.

These two cars were separated by six years of automotive innovation, and their race was a battle between dual quads and three deuces, automatic versus stick. Ultimately, Greco’s Super Bee triumphed with a time of 13.74 seconds at 99.55 miles per hour, beating Schnitzer’s 14-flat at 101 mph.

Another notable moment was the race between Rick Singer’s ’71 Mach 1 429 SCJ 4 Speed and Tommy Edwards’ ’70 GS Stage 1 Automatic. The Grand Sport took the win with a time of 14.47 seconds at 92.4 mph, beating Edwards’ time of 14.86 seconds at 96.15 mph.

Other races worth mentioning include Dan Zaire’s ’69 Mustang 428 Automatic versus Ron Godossian’s ’73 Firebird Formula 455 Super Duty Automatic, which was won by the Super Duty Formula Bird with a time of 14.84 seconds.

Chris Farrario’s ’72 Dodge Challenger 340 Automatic was defeated by Clark Raider’s ’73 Dodge Dart 340 Automatic, which completed the race in 14.85 seconds.

In the race between Tim Davis’ ’71 Dodge Demon 344 Speed and Mark Schafer’s ’79 Z28 Camaro 350 Four Speed, Davis emerged victorious with a time of 13.87 seconds at 102.04 mph, beating Schafer’s time of 15.23 seconds at 91.64 mph.

The event also featured some iconic muscle cars, such as David Kentner’s ’69 Roadrunner Street Hemi Four-Speed and Jeff Humble’s ’70 Cyclone 429 Cobra Jet Four-Speed. Kentner red-lighted and missed second gear, allowing the Cyclone to storm to victory with a time of 14.45 seconds at 100.67 mph.

In the race between Gene Rivers’ ’69 Dodge RT-440 Automatic and Tom Goodman’s ’70 Challenger 444 Speed, Rivers won with a time of 14.23 seconds at 96.35 mph. Don Whitwood’s ’70 Charger 440 Six-Pack Automatic was defeated by Jeff Lee’s ’70 Roadrunner 383 Automatic, which completed the race in 14.59 seconds.

Other races included Randy Van Hook’s ’70 Roadrunner 446-Pack Four-Speed versus Michael Brown’s ’71 Roadrunner 440 Six-Pack Automatic, which was won by Brown with a time of 13.92 seconds. In the race between Mason Dixon’s ’70 Challenger 446-Pack Automatic and Leroy Safely’s ’74 442-W30 Automatic, Dixon won with a time of 14.21 seconds.

Valerie Meyer’s ’68 Shelby GT500 428 Four-Speed won against Chuck Graber’s ’62 Galaxy 406 Tri-Power 4-Speed, completing the race in 14.12 seconds. In the race between Richard Walker’s ’69 Roadrunner 383 Automatic and Larry Fleming’s ’69 Charger 500 440 Automatic, Fleming won with a time of 14.

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