Meet the Incredible South Korean Woman Who Rescued and Cares for 200 Dogs

Jung Myoung Sook, 61, of South Korea, has spent the last 26 years of her life saving dogs. She has successfully saved and cared for over 200 puppies thanks to her efforts.

Sook goes above and above by not only taking care of stray dogs but also acquiring dogs meant for sale in restaurants, despite his little means.

Sook told the Associated Press that her children are not hungry and are allowed to play and live freely. Despite being referred to by some as a “beggar-like middle-aged woman,” Jung remains focused on feeding her children and is happy and healthy.

Many people have come to Sook’s aid because of his nice and loving character. Unfortunately, she has had to relocate seven times due to noise complaints from her neighbors.

The elder population in South Korea is reported to still eat dogs as cuisine. Pets, on the other hand, are growing increasingly popular among younger generations.

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