Meet Baby the Corgi: A Hilariously Happy Ball of Fluff.5lan

Corgis are renowned for their comical, cuddly, and charming nature, making them a favorite even among royalty, with Queen Elizabeth II’s fondness for them well-known. Among these delightful dogs, there’s one special sweetheart that perfectly embodies the breed’s endearing qualities.

Introducing Baby, a 5-month-old Corgi pup who seems to have an endless supply of energy, continuously spreading joy and laughter to everyone around her. Baby’s owner, May Theint Nwe, welcomed her into their lives after falling in love with their first Corgi, Cooper. The two Corgis quickly formed a strong bond, leading their human to create an Instagram account to showcase the delightful antics of these lovable goofballs to the world.

While Cooper holds a special place in their household, this time, let’s get to know his younger sister, Baby!

“Cooper was our first Corgi, and he’s now 2 years old. He’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi,” May Theint Nwe introduced her furry friend to Bored Panda. “Baby is our second puppy, also a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, though she has a slightly fluffier coat compared to her big brother.”

May Theint Nwe described Cooper as the sweetest and most gentle boy one could imagine, emphasizing his role as a doting big brother to Baby. He’s patient and forgiving when it comes to her playful antics, even when she occasionally gets a bit jealous of his attention.

Baby, on the other hand, is known for her spirited and lively personality. She’s always up for some fun and doesn’t hold back from seeking attention, sometimes at the expense of her brother. Nevertheless, her affable nature extends to everyone, including her beloved big brother.

Their owner also mentioned that Cooper isn’t as fond of posing for photographs as his sister, which is why you’ll find more of Baby on their Instagram account. May Theint Nwe emphasized that they would never force their pets to do anything in front of the camera, but Baby seems to enjoy having her picture taken. Plus, she gets a generous share of treats for her modeling efforts!

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