Man Drives 2,800 Milеs Tо Save Pit Bսll From Being Euthanizеd

People all around the world are falling in love with pit bulls and are prepared to go to any length to assist them.

This was the situation with Mario Rodrguez, a truck driver who fell in love with a pit bull after viewing a photo of him. It was Hickory, a beautiful pit bull with a big smile. Unfortunately, he was on the euthanasia list at New York’s Animal Care Center Shelter.

The smiling puppy is only two years old.

Mario grew up with a strong bond with pit bulls and wasn’t ready to deny the beautiful Hickory the chance to live his life.

“This breed was raised by everyone in my family. I also reared my children with these pets. They are really affectionate.”

The only problem was that Mario was working in California, and it was just a matter of time before it was too late to adopt this beautiful dog. Mario decided to take a chance and make some calls at work.

The trip from California to New York can take almost two days on the road without taking any breaks.

Fortunately, they were able to arrange for the truck route to take it to New York. He got on the road and kept calling the shelter to make sure Hickory wasn’t being killed.

“Every day, I contacted the shelter. They even knew my phone number on the third day. “Yes, Mario,” they said. It is still present. It is still present.”

Mario drove as quickly as he could, ready to see the new member of his family. The most “surprising” aspect of all was Hickory’s excitement and apparent understanding that Mario had come to make him extremely happy.

Drove more than 4,000 km

“When I informed him we were leaving, he started wagging his tail like crazy.” He would leap on me and wouldn’t stop kissing me.”

When Hickory returned home, he quickly made friends with his two new pit bull brothers. But when he realized Mario had to return to work, he refused to let him leave. The family devised the ideal solution: Hickory would be Mario’s new co-pilot.

He’s now her ideal work buddy, and she’s content as she explores new ground.

“We always make pit stops in parks and farms.” He has encountered horses and barked at cows. She’s having a fantastic time.”

At night, Hickory has his own dog bed so he can sleep inside the truck.

Mario and Hickory were clearly built for each other. We hope you have many more experiences together.

We ask you to share this heartfelt story in order to celebrate this beautiful dog’s new life.

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