Loyal Dog Spends 10 Days In Front Of The Hospital Hoping Her Deceased Human Returns

She waited, stuck around for days, even lived through a hurricane – but no familiar face was coming out that door…

There is no bigger loss in the world than the loss of your favourite person!

Even our lovely four-legged pals, dogs, have a difficult time replacing the emptiness left by their owners’ departure.

A one-year-old dog in Compton, California, couldn’t bear the thought of her hooman not returning from the emergency department where she last saw him.

She waited, stayed for days, and even lived through a hurricane, but no familiar face emerged at the door…

When the Martin Luther King Hospital staff took in a critically ill patient, they witnessed one of the greatest “human-dog bonds” ever.

A man who lived near the hospital was taken by ambulance, and his dog accompanied him the entire journey!

She practically rushed all the way to the hospital’s emergency room door, just next to where her owner was being taken in. According to her reply, it is clear that this devoted girl had never left her owner’s side, as she really wanted in as well.

Security stopped her at the door, but it didn’t stop this wonderful girl from waiting for her owner outside the premises. Unfortunately, her favourite man in the world died not long after he was in, but she had no idea!

She spent 10 days waiting for him outside the hospital, despite the fact that she had nothing to eat and nowhere safe to sleep.

Defeated and depressed, the dog peered at the door every time someone walked out, hoping to see a familiar face – but that never happened.

The hospital staff had been watching her for days, but every time they tried to aid her, she refused… So they decided to seek assistance!

Hospital personnel contacted Suzette Hall of Logan’s Legacy in Irvine, California, in an attempt to save the sick pooch. Hall jumped into action as soon as she heard the dog’s story.

“Even after the hurricane, this precious newborn girl remained waiting. You can see it in her eyes that she is heartbroken… “You are so incredibly loyal,” Hall commented on Facebook.

Hall set up a humane trap stocked with tasty treats, and the dog ultimately got in.

Even though she remained quiet and tranquil throughout the rescue, Hall could see the sadness in her eyes and feel the agony she was feeling over her lost owner.

Even inside the trap, she would stare towards the emergency room, hoping to see him one more time.

Hall did everything she could to console the bereaved pooch before taking her to Camino Pet Hospital for a checkup.

Following her treatment by the hospital staff, the dog, later named “Hilary” (after the hurricane she survived), was placed in the most wonderful foster family.

“Laura is loving her and assisting in the healing of her broken heart.” She is in good hands. “The hospital staff named her Hilary because she waited out the storm,” Hall explains.

Her foster, Laura, did everything she could to make Hilary as comfortable as possible, and after some time, this pawdorable girl reciprocated!

She eventually began socialising with other people and dogs, gradually adjusting to her new surroundings.

“She adores both people and other dogs!” She’s around a year old and weighs a little more than 12 pounds. She’s a smart girl who should be a lot of fun to train. “She’s still a little nervous on walks, but she’s getting better every day,” Laura adds.

When the time comes, we’re confident she’ll make someone very happy – and get the fresh start she deserves!

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