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Ideas For Solar Water Fountains In Your Garden

1. Ceramic Frog Fountain

We begin with one of the simpler creations, a ceramic frog pond fountain in miniature. This beautiful little piece can be placed virtually anywhere. Sink it into your garden soil or place on a high wall.

2. Koi Solar Water Fountain

3. Faux Log Fountain

Here’s a grand idea to slyly insert a fantastic fountain in your garden or patio. The realistic log-look water feature spills in a surprisingly natural way, perfect for those who want their garden accessories to blend in.

4. Ceramic Bowl Fountain

Here’s a simple design, a bird bath-like fountain crafted from a large ceramic bowl, standing on a minimalist frame. It’s portable and easy to set up any place. Also includes a Bird Bath Solar Fountain Pump placed in the middle of the bowl.

5. Wine Barrel Fountain

For the wine aficionado or anyone who enjoys the repurposing of old rustic objects, this idea is sublime. The barrels flow from one to another in a tiered progression, making this corner garden into an eye-popping display.

6. Terra Cotta Tippy Fountain

This fountain is pictured next to its accompanying solar panel, to illustrate the ease of setup. The discreet black panel and mount can be tucked into the garden while the fountain itself commands attention.

7. Tiered Box Planter Fountain

This fountain is particularly Zen-like in its repeated, simplistic box forms. With multiple tiers and spouts, it brings visual complexity and serenity to any garden, with a separate solar panel that can be hidden away.

8. Buddha Fountain

Speaking of Zen, this next product is a beautiful representation of the Buddha. It’s a miniature statue with water subtly bubbling outward, and it can add an aesthetic and spiritual edge to your garden or patio.

9. Bamboo Bucket Fountain

Going along with the prior Eastern styled fountains, this unique water feature spills from a bamboo spout into a rich natural wood bucket for an absolutely serene garden placement.

10. DIY Pond Fountain

Following the attached instructions, you too could have this brilliant sheet rock-defined pond and fountain as the centerpiece of your yard. While the pond itself requires some serious hands-and-knees time, the submerged fountain can be purchased with ease.

11. Whimsical Boy Fountain

This adorable miniature fountain is built out of a sculpture of a boy and his puppy using an old fashioned hand pump. Seen here next to a tree, this little fountain would look great standing alone or immersed in thick greenery.

12. Stone Planter Fountain

This unique fountain mixes a gorgeous stone sculpted water feature with space for planting your flowers. The discreet solar panel is built-in, allowing for effortless portability if you change your mind about where it should stand.

13. Wall Mounted Fountain

Garden fountains need not be confined to the ground! This little beauty is made to be mounted on walls or fences, creating an eye level water feature that can stand apart from the surrounding natural environment.

14. DIY Wheelbarrow Fountain

One of the most unique creations we stumbled upon, this wheelbarrow-based project involves a solar water pump, items you likely have lying around, and a bit of ingenuity. Water is funneled toward the watering can, while the basin is placed in a custom container garden, courtesy of an old wheelbarrow.

15. Cascading Cube Fountain

Mixing the classic tiered waterfall design with modern, sharp-edged styling, this cubic-shaped fountain is a hefty piece that can stand alone or loom over your garden. With built-in lighting, it’s meant to be enjoyed day and night.

16. Hand-Pump Fountain

This piece is a play on the classic hand pump fountain design, using a pair of tippy pots to create a whimsical design.

17. Modern Zen Fountain

With simple, elegant lines and a dark stone color, this fountain could fit in virtually any garden or patio. The classic bowl shape and clean design make for a timeless look.

18. “Cool Drink” Children Fountain

Here we have another playfully whimsical fountain. This sculpted, multicolored piece features a pair of children trying to reach a tall bird bath in a fun mise-en-scene.

19. Watering Can Cascade Fountain

This DIY project, similar to the wheelbarrow idea featured above, involves the use of old fashioned metal watering cans. With strategic placement and a good solar water pump, you can turn your outdoor staircase into a fantastic fountain.

20. Rock Pond Fountain

This DIY project involves found stones, digging a hole, and strategically placing your solar water pump for a personalized, natural looking fountain.

21. Lion’s Head Fountain

This highly ornate fountain can be a standout feature in any yard or garden, especially if it’s surrounded by lush greenery for an elegant backdrop.

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