Heartbroken Dog Waits On Train Tracks For A Week For Owners To Come Back For Him

Suzette Hall received an urgent call, explaining that a dog had been found on the train tracks. This one had been flung from the automobile of its previous owners, who had abandoned it there. So she got right to work. Suzette works for a charity that assists animals in need. She gets calls about stray canines in Irvine, California, every day, but today was different.

The poor black Labrador dog was on the train tracks, unaware that he was in great danger. The animal hesitated to leave that area, believing his family would return and it was all a misunderstanding. The dog couldn’t comprehend that he’d been abandoned.

What broke Suzette’s heart was that, despite being hungry and cold, the dog did not move from that place, even to seek shelter. The poor animal sat still, not intending to move since he still had hope that his family would return eventually. So he simply stood there waiting.

A dog waits on the train tracks for his family to come back for him.

When Suzette arrived, she saw that the dog was in the same place where the person who had contacted her had told her that they had seen it. It crushed her heart because she had previously helped other animals in similar situations. Indeed, they all think that their family will return and, as a result, they continue steadfastly waiting in the same place. The poor dog didn’t move until he was almost run over by a passing train.

The situation grew more dangerous with each passing minute. When the dog saw her, he jumped up and rushed away. But he stopped eating as soon as the woman threw chicken at him. He was really terribly hungry, and his instincts took over. So, even though the dog was terrified, he ate the chicken without hesitation.

This woman doesn’t care how long she has to wait for the dog to enter the trap. She is prepared for everything, even if it takes a long time. What astonished her about this dog was how quickly it healed. The poor dog was so hungry that he just took a few minutes to climb inside his box.

Suzette named him Soldat and immediately took him to the vet for a check up. Fortunately, the dog survived and is now receiving lots of love from shelter workers, who feed him lots of chow and cuddles. When the dog receives the love he deserves, he can wag his tail again. He has completely changed since his rescue.

Soldier now has a second chance at life. He just has to meet a family who will decide to adopt him and treat him accordingly . He will no longer have to deal with desertion. It may take some time to find him a home, but he will be waiting in the company of beautiful people in the meanwhile.

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