He was scared to hide in hunger and illness after being shunned by everyone

Have you ever seen a dog like this? The strange thing was that everyone avoids him They were afraid of his appearance. That tiny body was riddled with wounds, and he vomited for no apparent reason.

At first he was afraid of rescuers and always ducked. However, the food brought him closer to them.

The boy was very hungry, ate in a hurry, he was severely anemic and weak. His blood type was quite difficult to establish.

Vet was racing against time. He also had a severe worm infection and many ticks, he was just 6kg.

The danger was over but still a lot of challenges, Vet hoped he wouldn’t give up that easily. After the bath he looked completely different, however his digestive tract was inflamed it was a very difficult situation.

The worm and tick problem was resolved, but the infection problem persisted. He was exhausted and simply wanted to sleep.

After 10 days of tireless efforts, God answered his prayers. He was released home. He was fascinated by the cats, in particular. He was stronger as a result of his food and could roam about the home to investigate.

Everything was novel for a dog like him, and he was so busy that he may never have had a true companion.

Every day that goes by we can see his miraculous change, he went from 6 to 12 kg. Vito has become so much more beautiful and happy that it’s truly a miracle.

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