He is my confidant, my eyes, my everything.5duc

When ten-year-old Zac lost his sight five years ago, his loyal companion Lilli stepped up to prove that a dog’s best friend can be another dog.

Rescued as stray puppies a decade ago, this inseparable pair’s bond became even stronger when Zac’s eye condition took his sight. Zac, a Jack Russell terrier, now relies on Lilli to be his guide dog.

On their walks, Lilli remains inches from Zac’s side, allowing him to lay his head on her when he feels sleepy or disoriented. Their connection is almost telepathic, according to Sarah Bussell from the Blue Cross charity in Tiverton, Devon. She emphasized that they must be rehomed together because Zac would be lost without Lilli.

During their outings, Zac uses his heightened sense of smell and Lilli’s presence to navigate, sticking close to her to ensure he knows the way to go. She reassures him, gently guiding him in the right direction when he becomes disoriented, and she’s incredibly patient with him. They are attached at all times, even when they are off their leads in the rehoming section of the shelter.

Zac had been taken into the care of the Blue Cross center when he was a puppy several years ago, but his owner, heartbroken after emigrating and unable to take her beloved dogs with her, had to return him.

The Blue Cross charity hopes to find a loving family who will take both Zac and Lilli in, allowing them to enjoy a peaceful life with a stable routine. Sarah describes Zac as a loving and affectionate gentleman who thrives on attention. Although he may be blind, his other senses are heightened, and he immediately wags his tail when someone approaches.

His future owner will need to make sure their home environment remains consistent to help Zac navigate without obstacles, and he will require a lead on walks. In return, Zac and Lilli will be loving companions who will shower their adopters with affection.

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