Guy Cried When He Saw The Puppy’s Skeletal Body Poking Out From The Tires

Regrettably nowadays there are still animals that suffer from abandonment, victims of families that do not want them and believe that because they are animals they must cope on their own. But not all is awful, there are people who are dedicated to helping those who need it and acknowledge that dogs are living beings that feel.

One of them is the dog rescuer, Taki, a man famed on YouTube for never leaving a dog behind and always helping them whenever feasible.

He routinely visits “abandoned” locales, areas picked by people to discard their dogs when they no longer want them. That was how he found a cute little dog in a dump, in a way that he could never fathom.

Behind the tires of a massive truck, he heard some sobbing and upon examining better he observed that there was a little face that at times came out of the framework. From the outset the poor dog was terrified, no matter how much they called him, he refused to leave that spot in which he seemed to feel protected.

It was noticed that he had not left there for some days, Takis presumes that he was abandoned and being used to a home it was not easy for him to relate to other dogs.

But the rescuer would not give up and when they managed to get her out, they had to lift him and take him to recover because he was so skinny. When they began to help him, they decided that he would be called Luna, he was very light, which made Takis unhappy.

“Look at that! She’s simply skin and bones” , was what he murmured disappointedly while he lifted her up to feed her, which he eagerly accepted.

Since then the temperament of the dog changed, it could be observed that she began to trust Takis and easily related to the other dogs. She was knowing bliss again, the phrase abandonment a thing of the past. She now has people willing to aid her.

In the end of the chapter Luna could be seen with more weight, it didn’t take much to transform her life. That is what food and water can do to a live thing.

For now, she hopes to find a new home, where she will be valued forever.

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