Dog Cowers in Fear After Three Broken Promises of Love. 0g

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and there are species that have been abandoned repeatedly over the course of their existence.

One of these unfortunates is Finn Alexander, a Chihuahua who has been traumatized by human cruelty.

2014 saw the start of Finn’s public career after he was taken off the streets and brought to a Dallas shelter (United States).

He was able to receive rehabilitation there, and he was soon prepared to start looking for a loving family. Due to his status as a puppy and his great charm, it was easy for the furry one to win the hearts of various applicants.

There were several families who wanted to adopt Finn, but only one was able to do so.

The furry one left for his new home, where they hoped he would live out the rest of his days in happiness, after they completed all the requirements at the shelter to authorize the adoption. Sadly, things did not turn out as expected! The reason for the puppy’s return to a shelter in 2019—five years after being adopted—is unknown.

In a confused episode, Finn found himself homeless once more, but the people who saved him and brought him to the shelter took it upon themselves to find him a new modest home. Everything appeared to be going according to plan, and miraculously, life gave the dog another opportunity to be content.

Despite the fact that his suffering has not subsided, Finn once more felt abandoned.

The third time around, everything has gotten worse because the puppy was just found inside a tiny box. The creature was reportedly left in a park with his belongings after being cared for for years by his family.

Finn’s life narrative has been made public by CAMO Rescue. This organization made the circumstance in order to raise awareness as well as to find a home for the dog.

This little companion did not deserve being treated with such disdain.

“2021, he wound up at the Denton Animal Shelter after being left in his box with all of his belongings at a park.” They said on Facebook on April 4 that “microchips don’t lie, and you can’t hide from ransom!”

After years of being a victim of human insensitivity, the dog seems afraid, and his body language expresses his apprehension and mistrust. Nobody is certain of Finn’s former families’ motivations, but nothing can justify the devastation they caused to him.

His rescuers want to locate a true home for him.

In order to move the matter ahead and make sure that his new home is long-term, CAMO Rescue, Dental Animal Shelter, and Dallas Animal Shelter are now working together.

You may arrange to meet Finn by going to the shelter’s website. However, it should be noted that after his tale, prospective adopters would go through a stringent selection procedure.

Finn needs to be adopted by a genuine family, so he can tell his story and advocate for himself.

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