Devastated puppy stands by her mom on the road, waiting for her to get up

The life of the animals who live in the street is really harsh. In this situation, they obtained a devastated puppy that refused to leave with her mother’s body From her. This furry girl hoped that her mother would get up, but the reality is that she would never do it again, because she was on the edge of the road and without signs of life.

No pet deserves to go through these types of hopeless situations . On the street there are not just dangerous or cruel people . The dynamics focus around the purpose of surviving with the food that is discovered, in addition to seeking sanctuary where they are allowed to remain.

Public highways are also a menace to the most exposed puppies . Although we do not have a sense of how many pets are run over every day, there is little doubt that it is a common event. Such was the situation with the mother of this puppy who was left devastated and alone.

Many pups have been left without a mother, without a father or without siblings after being hit by a vehicle. On several times, we have seen footage when a dog tries to retrieve the body of another fluffy dog ​​in the midst of a roadway.

Although it is something we have seen many times, it is nevertheless a terrible scene . This reality creates great pain, as much as what the devastated puppy felt from the suffering of her mother after a hit-and-run.

As she could, she pulled herself to the edge of the tracks with her calf , and a little time later she would have perished. Meanwhile, her small daughter waited by her side waiting for her to wake up, because she could not comprehend what was happening.

Regrettably, at that time his future appeared unstable, since he had been left to his own devices . Yet, one individual couldn’t help but be moved and stopped to attempt to assist.

Quickly, he summoned an organization that came to the site to respond to the issue of the run over dog and her calf, the devastated puppy.

The organization was in charge of giving a befitting burial to the victim of the tragedy . In turn, the puppy’s actions only proved one thing, she wanted her mother back. She refused to feed herself with the formula milk that they provided her, because she was devastated and did not exhibit the bravery to do anything.

From the shelter they gave him all the time and care he needed even though he refused practically everything . It was a matter of giving her a space to mend her heart, although those in charge of caring for her began to doubt her if she could overcome the duel .

Thus, they acted in a disciplined manner so that he would recover. Via an IV they hydrated her and gave her the nutrients she needed . The objective for the vets and rescuers was to keep her alive and urge her to keep going.

While the puppy was devastated by the death of her mother, little by little she began to recover . The doctors and volunteers who care for her choose to honor her grieving hours.

Once he gets past the anguish caused by his mother’s death, the organization will step up to locate him a suitable family. All dogs need to live in a home where their rights are respected and their well-being assured .

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