Coronel was left by his family when he was sick, they rescued him and now he lives as a king

Coronel had TVT, he was extremely deteriorated, and waited outside what he believed was his house; they never opened him, and he was dying; fortunately, they saved him in time and delivered the suggested owners.

Coronel had a family that he cared for and loved, but when he needed them the most because he fell ill with TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumor), they took him out on the street and never opened him up again; he hoped that his family would love him again, but no, each time his health went downhill, until a foundation came for him, saved him from dying, and gave him the best family he could have.

Coronel was dying outside his home.

Caninos 911,AC foundation president Maber. He was based in Villahermosa, Mexico, when he received a report of a dog that was severely ill, had TVT, was bleeding, damaged, and very unhappy; a few more days and he would have crossed the rainbow, but it was not his time.

After realizing that his family had taken him out, the neighbors fed him and never wanted to know more about him, but he was so devoted that despite the disdain he received from them, he never left them until these savior angels took him out.

He had a family, but when he became ill, they abandoned him on the street, which crushed my heart and made me extremely sad. Maber said

When he was evaluated, it was clear that he had severe TVT, so they began to stabilize his platelets, feed him adequately, and then he began his chemotherapies. This dog was very damaged and unhappy, but nothing that the love of his carers could not heal, so they began to take care of him and pamper him as if he were a kid.

He was in therapy for a long time; they took him to his chemotherapies, and he made progress owing to the physicians’ efforts. His expression had altered; he no longer appeared depressed, but rather the reverse.

Coronel has the perfect family.

He was finally able to overcome and terminate this condition after so much suffering; he was already healthy in his heart, pleased to be able to begin a new life. When the perfect owner arrived, the family he had been waiting for so long, his agony gave as soon as he glanced at them since they were created for each other.

He now has a life full of love and compassion; they take him on excursions and even teach him to swim. He is the focus of his family’s attention, and there is seldom a day when kisses and arms are not there.

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