Barca will sell 5 stars to welcome Messi

According to Mundo Deportivo, Barca will find a way to push away 5 players in the summer of 2023 to create conditions to welcome Lionel Messi back to the club.

Barca will sell 5 stars to welcome Messi

Eric Garcia, Marcos Alonso, Franck Kessie, Raphinha and Ferran Torres are the 5 names that are currently under liquidation of Barca. This is a mandatory task of the Camp Nou home team, because the La Liga side has asked them to release at least 200 million euros, including wages and player sales to register new players for the 2023 / season. 24.

That is Barca’s wish, but whether it can be sold and for how much is a completely different story. Alonso, Kessie, Raphinha have only joined Barca for 1 season. Torres and Garcia longer, but no one has been attached for more than 2 seasons.

Barcelona plan to raise €100 million with sale of 5 players as they aim to bring Lionel Messi back to Camp Nou - Reports

On the side of Messi, the Argentine superstar will definitely leave PSG in the summer of 2023 in a free form, closing two more sad seasons than happy in Paris. On May 3, Messi was suspended by PSG for 2 weeks, and also paid a fine of 2 weeks’ salary for “arbitrarily going to Saudi Arabia without permission”.

Recently, Messi posted on social networks a clip apologizing to PSG and the team’s fans with the content: “I really think we will have a day off after the game, like always. I organized organized this trip and I cannot cancel it. I have canceled it before. I apologize to my teammates and wait for what the club will decide. I also apologize to the partners and the club…” .

5 players who can help Barca make Messi's La Liga registration possible - Football |

Currently, it is not clear where Messi’s next destination is. Saudi Arabia, the American Professional Award (MLS) or Barcelona are said to be possible options for the owner of the 7 Golden Balls.

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