An Abandoned Dog Spotted Waiting In The Rain For His Family To Return

 Angela Simmons was driving through South Carolina in the heavy rain when she noticed a sad face gazing back at her through her misty vehicle window. Simmons had been hunting for that particular face.

Residents of a nearby trailer park had reported to Simmons a lovely puppy tied up next to a couch on the side of the road earlier that day. Simmons realized she needed to help.

Simmons noticed the dog’s itching paws and nose as she approached him. He’d spent too much time outside without being properly cared for. Despite his position, the dog clearly had enough affection to share.

With the help of Auction For A Kaws, the puppy, subsequently called Murphy, was put in a foster home, where he soon acclimated to the benefits of having a family.

A film chronicling Murphy’s trip, prepared by Auction For A Kaws, may be viewed here:

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“Once he entered foster care, he proved to be the biggest love bug,” said a member of the Action For A Kaws team who spoke on the record.

Finally, Murphy was enjoying all of his favorite activities, such as curling up under warm blankets, driving, going on walks, and relaxing in the sun.

Everyone who met Murphy was captivated by his cheery personality and affection for all living things.

“He is highly clever and likes other dogs,” a staff member stated. “He is motivated to learn and has wonderful manners.”

Murphy is now taking part in a home trial for a family. The gorgeous puppy will soon find the long-term affection and community he deserves. He used to spend his days alone on an old couch, watching cars go by.

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