After the surgery, she was left on that road in sadness and tears

Bally was found by a girl at the foot of the overpass, she fed her and called zlata_tv, they brought her home and gradually learned the story of this brave girl’s life.

“When I brought her home she hid under the bed. She didn’t dare look at us, what made her like that? She is only about 6 months old, what happened to her? She didn’t seem to be able to stand up to walk, when I looked closely, she had a problem with her spine.”

The next day they took her to the vet early. The doctor said she had surgery on her spine. The fixed needle from the old operation was still there.

It suspected she didn’t recover, so they dumped her. She had another surgery by an experienced doctor. The doctor said that she had a good chance of recovery and she had to stay 1 week for observation.

Her health was much better, she walked confidently on 4 legs. She trusted everyone, let everyone caress her.

“The way she looked at me made me so happy. She had never been so loved by anyone. When she was hugged, she was moved with tears. This was truly a miraculous change in her. It was her happiest moment ever.”

Bally gained weight and had desirable friends. It didn’t take long for them to get close.

After all the hardships and trials, she won and she is at home to live with her mom and her friends. Happiness smiled at this wonderful girl.

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