Adopted dog was immediately returned for “peeing with excitement.” she just wants love

Adopting a puppy or dog, or any animal, is a very serious commitment that must endure the full life of the animal in issue. It is not enough to simply want to love a puppy because they are pretty, you have to want to take care of them and give them all they need, which is frequently a lot of stuff. It requires time, finances, patience, and much more . It is something that truly needs to be weighed. In this way, the Mexican rescuer Alina , in command of Rescatalandia, decried a scenario that should have been avoided.

The rescuer just offered Nala up for adoption , a really nice small dog that gets excited quickly. Apparently the family that “adopted” her did not appreciate that the young girl urinated when she gets aroused, so they chose to return her . The fact is that this might have been avoided if only these individuals had been realistic in understanding that a puppy is not a cuddly toy . They are entities that have wants and also personalities.

In Alina’s story she admits that this causes her a lot of annoyance “ They are going to return her to me because she pees with emotion because she loves them ” and she also remarked “ Today I am more wrath than a person ”. She also said that when she went to search for the dog from the house that they did not want her: “ She looked at them sad as we were leaving , as if they truly needed her love, my fury just intensified ”

The lady, who is the creator of Rascatalandia, updated on the status of the puppy: “ I am going to give her the longest hugs and kisses in the world and I am going to give her the most delicious food I can find and I am going to find her a person as amazing as she is for me to love her forever .”

The fortunate news is that Nala has a rescuer who just wants the best for her , therefore she will find a family that can take care of her. I still believe that the best option was for the family to return her, since if she was not going to take care of her as she needs it, it is better that they find someone who is , what do you think?

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