Abandoned Dog, After 10 Years, Is Still Waiting For Her owners In The Same place

It’s nice to read of animals that have been rescued from difficult situations and given a new home, but there are certain animals who cannot be rescued.

For example, those dogs who have reached an age when change is too hard and hence remain in their difficult situations while waiting for things to return to normal.

Bokshil the dog’s owner relocated and, for whatever reason, did not take the cute pup with him. The devastated dog remained near her house for ten years, waiting for her owner to return.

According to a YouTube video uploaded by South Korean broadcaster SBS TV, this adorable dog went blind while waiting for her owner to return.

Left to a life on the streets, neighbors tried to aid her, but she refused to relocate, so they give her food while she sits in the street; they’ve even built a cage for her so she can sleep at night.

As she peeled a boiled egg and offered it to her, one neighbor noted she had no teeth and finds eating hard.

“I heard the owner left it behind,” she told SBS TV, “probably because he didn’t have the resources to care for it.”

“She’s a grandma now, and my heart goes out to her.”

The video shows her being taken to a veterinary clinic to be treated. The vet stated she was in good condition but had “senile cataracts,” which caused her eyesight to be blurry.

This must have made her life on the streets even more terrifying, as she wondered if the person approaching her was her owner.

Her tale video has been seen over 1.5 million times on YouTube, with many people expressing their anguish and outrage at her circumstances.

“Dogs are far too faithful for humans to bear. One user said, “Dogs are the only creatures on Earth with unbreakable loyalty.”

“They will spend their whole lives worshiping and loving their owners. We are God to them. We as humans don’t deserve them at all! People can be very cruel… ”

This dog has given her life away while waiting for her owner to return. Fortunately, she is surrounded by people who care for her.

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