A sweet surprise party is thrown by a shelter for an elderly dog that was previously thought to be unadoptable.3Minh

Title: “A Heartwarming Celebration: Shelter Throws Surprise Party for Unadoptable Senior Dog”

In the heart of Spartanburg, a heartwarming celebration recently unfolded at the Spartanburg Humane Society, and the guest of honor was none other than Loco, a spirited senior dog who had just achieved a significant milestone in her life. At this shelter, birthdays are usually observed quietly, but Loco’s special day called for an extraordinary celebration.

Angel Cox, the Chief Operating Officer of the Spartanburg Humane Society, shared the delightful details of Loco’s surprise party. “She wore a birthday hat and a frilly collar,” Cox explained, “and the entire staff gathered to sing to her. She enjoyed a sweet potato cake and even received a Happy Birthday banner for her office door.”

The guest list was carefully curated, consisting of Loco’s favorite people, although dogs were notably absent. Cox explained, “She is selective about the people she likes. When she loves you, she truly loves you. On the other hand, she dislikes people she dislikes and is not a fan of other dogs.”

Despite the absence of canine companions, everyone in attendance was overjoyed to celebrate the lively little dog they have all come to adore over the past two years.

Loco’s journey at the shelter began in 2020 when she was surrendered due to chronic medical issues. Over time, she has become the beloved face of the facility and even has her own cozy sanctuary, providing her a retreat away from the pets and people she’d rather not be around.

Cox elaborated, “We moved her to a more comfortable workspace where she has three or four dog beds and enjoys sleeping in all of them.”

Throughout her stay at the shelter, Loco has faced various medical challenges. “When she arrived, she was 13 years old, heartworm-positive, had thyroid issues, and hip problems,” Cox explained. Her numerous health concerns and associated expenses initially made her an unsuitable candidate for adoption.

Today, Loco has proven herself to be a true survivor. She is now heartworm-negative, receives regular vaccinations, and takes thyroid medication to maintain her health. Despite her age relative to other shelter residents, she remains in excellent health.

Though Loco is not seeking a new home, as she has assumed the title of “office dog,” her life at the shelter is anything but typical. According to Cox, it’s her unique personality that makes her one of the most unforgettable animals they’ve ever had. Loco’s story is a testament to the love and dedication of those who care for her and the resilience of senior dogs who continue to shine, even when adoption may not be in their cards.

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