86. The Incredible Transformation of a Rescued Canine with the Help of Pet Psychology.

A severely injured puppy sat by the side of the street, yet she remained unnoticed by passersby. This little canine, aged between 7 to 9 months, had suffered a traumatic accident and was abandoned in a desolate field. Her condition was truly dire, with a damaged diaphragm and two fractured femurs. It was a heartbreaking sight, and it’s important to remember that she was just a puppy, in desperate need of help.

As countless people walked past her, it was a stroke of luck that Edward Aguilar spotted her while driving his truck. He didn’t hesitate to reach out and alert us.

We’re immensely grateful to Edward for his quick thinking and compassion. Thanks to his intervention, this puppy was rescued from her perilous situation. Her recovery journey began, and it’s truly heartwarming to witness her regain her health and eventually find a loving home. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who played a part in this rescue mission. Together, we’ve made a real difference in this young pup’s life.

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