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28 DIY Small Backyard Ideas That Make a Big Statement

When it comes to backyards, bigger isn’t always better. Especially if you can customize your space by using some of these inspiring ideas we’ve compiled for you! We promise your petite backyard will benefit from some simple and stylish tricks, likepatio string light ideasthat help set the mood around theoutdoor bar,pergola, andgazebo, or browse innovativebackyard ideasthat might even include a water feature or two! We’ve also found thebest patio plants, greatground cover flowers and plants,healing plants, and evenlow-maintenance flowers and greenerythat will add plenty of visual interest to your outside retreat.

But perhaps you haven’t been blessed with a green thumb and struggle to keep your plants alive? No problem! We have plenty of backyard solutions for you that don’t require getting your hands dirty, pruning, watering, fertilizing, or any of those other tedious gardening tasks. And if you’re short on backyard storage space, we have plenty of great solutions for that, too—from fabulous projects sheds to cozy benches with plenty of incognito spaces to tuck things away. This is your chance to make your small but mighty backyard your very own oasis (maybe with some pretty newoutdoor rocking chairsfor your back porch?), and the good news is you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money doing it. After all, shouldn’t the goal of summer be to to enjoy your outdoor spaces without having to constantly worry about maintenance and upkeep? We think so!

small backyard ideas diy projects

David A. Land

Set the (Outdoor) Table

All it takes to dress up an outdoor table is a simple tablecloth or runner, and viola! You’ve added a little polish for an outdoor party or even just a little nicer-than-usual family dinner.

small backyard ideas diy projects

mike garten

Set Up a Potting Station Bar

When it’s time to host the next backyard bash, put away your tools, slide over the plants, and serve drinks and snacks atop your potting station.

hanging planters wrapped in scarves with flowers small backyard ideas

Brian Woodcock

Make DIY Hanging Planters

If you don’t have the ground space to showcase potted plants, go up! You can take on a DIY hanging planter project—here, inexpensive planters are wrapped in vintage scarves.

flowers potted in vintage potato chip bins small backyard ideas

David Tsay

Repurpose Collections

Consider relocating some of your more weathered possessions out to your backyard. These potato chip tins are now charming flower pots.

string lights hanging over a dining table on a patio small backyard ideas 

David Tsay

Hang String Lights

Hang outdoor string lights above your outdoor dining table or sitting area to create the ultimate mood lighting.

diy storage bench small backyard ideas project

Our Handcrafted Life

Storage with Style

Save space by relying on a sturdy bench that doubles as a roomy storage unit (think toys, gardening tools, and the like).

hanging herb garden small backyard ideas diy

Inspired by Charm

Hang Herbs Along an Outdoor Wall

Believe it or not, a hanging file organizer is an outdoor space-saving unsung hero. Compress yourherb gardenby planting within the vertical pockets, then attach to the side of your porch or garage.

small backyard ideas diy projectsThrift Diving

Capitalize on Fence Space

If your backyard fence could use some love, optimize valuable lawnscape and use the area as a canvas for a prosperous container garden.

garden tool storage small backyard ideas diy

Anderson + Grant

Stay Organized

Consolidate clutter by crafting agarden tool organizer. We’re loving this project’s use of a metal rake head for easy hanging.

diy mailbox planter small backyard ideas
Reality Daydream

Repurpose a Vintage Mailbox

Give an old mailbox some TLC to transform it into the dreamiest outdoor planter. It hardly takes up any space, yet still packs a huge punch.

small backyard ideas ideas

Courtesy of Target

Set up a Small Backyard Fountain

Incorporate asmall water featurefor big impact. Thisrustic fountainconsists of stacked wooden barrels to utilize the vertical space.

small stump planter small backyard ideas
Courtesy of Three Dogs In A Garden

Try a Tree Stump Planter

If you’ve got an old tree stump in your backyard, rejoice—they make the most beautiful planters.

hanging planter idea small backyard ideas

Brian Woodcock

Hang a Colander Planter

Hanging your plants leaves extra space below; plus, these colorful colanders make the most adorable vessels for flowers.

small backyard ideas outdoor bar
Courtesy of Shades Of Blue Interiors

Make a Murphy Bar

No room for a fancy bar? Try installing a Murphy bar outside, which simply folds down into a table whenever you’re ready to use it! The shelves are perfect for storage, and you can stack cute plants on top.

Think Tiered

small backyard ideas plant beds

Courtesy of Decor and the Dog

Tiered planters will maximize the ground space you have available for planters and herb boxes.

small backyard ideas hanging planters
Courtesy of Making Lemonade

Plant Vertically

Instead of planting horizontally, plant vertically! Use a wood trellis, tin cans, and IKEA pot hangers to recreate this look.

Lay Faux Grass

bike small backyard ideas

Courtesy of Liz Marie Blog

Offering the illusion of luscious green lawn, a faux-grass rug will help make your patio space look bigger than it really is.

small backyard ideas diy projects
Debra Lee Baldwin

Design Succulent Wall Art

Use a rectangular plastic tray divided into planting cells to display an enchanting succulent garden like this one.

Repurpose Coffee Cans

gardening small backyard ideas

Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

We didn’t need an incentive to drink more coffee, but now we’re glad we have one.

small backyard ideas diy projects
Courtesy of Camille Styles

Make a Mason Jar Herb Garden

Use some Mason jars to plant a cute herb garden that can even be displayed inside your kitchen.

plant flower herb flowerpot leaf houseplant flowering plant marjoram mint oregano small backyard ideasCourtesy of Fancy Frugal Life

Stack Your Planters

Stack your planters to make a tiered herb garden.

shed house property building garden buildings backyard yard home cottage siding small backyard ideas

Courtesy of A Cultivated Nest

Build a Mini Storage Shed

Repurpose old doors and windows into a cute mini gardening shed, just big enough for all of your essential tools.

vegetarian food garnish plant moss non vascular land plant food dish flower cuisine herb small backyard ideas
Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Start Off Small

Terrariums are a great way to decorate any indoor or outdoor space—and they’re super low maintenance.

small backyard ideas diy projects
Courtesy of The Garden Glove

Create a Small Water Feature

Want a water feature, but don’t think you have enough room to install one? Not anymore.

flowerpot floral design plant flower floristry houseplant twig flower arranging shelf cut flowers small backyard ideas
Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Hang a Garden

Another way to cram more greenery onto a backyard patio with minimal square footage—hang your plants in tiered baskets.

diy projects small backyard ideas
Courtesy of Little Green Dot
Stack Up Crates

Make your own vertical garden by stacking crates. Make sure to reinforce them with wood planks!

small backyard ideas diy projects garden table
Courtesy of SF Girl By The Bay

Dedicate a Corner

Use a rolling cart to hold a miniature herb garden that can be brought inside or kept outside.

Invert Your Tomatoes

small backyard ideas diy projects hanging planters
Courtesy of Bonzai Aphrodite

Tressling and the upkeep of tomato vines can take up a lot of space. So, hang your tomatoes from the roof instead.

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