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23 Best Spiller Filler Terrorist Plants for Your Garden

1. Sweet Allysum

Allysum doesn’t trail but beautifully flows over the top of the planter and has a honey-like fragrance. It does well in cool climates.

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2. Sweet Potato Vine

The oak-like, heart-shaped chartreuse to almost black foliage is a garden staple as container plants or ground covers.

3. Million Bells

Calibrachoa offers small delicate, colorful blooms with a trailing habit and offers hundred of flowers during summer. The plant is related to petunias.

4. Ivy Geranium

This classic container variety produces small blooms in an upright form while spilling over the planter’s borders. It can withstand heat and small periods of drought very well.

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5. Licorice Plant

It features felt-like small foliage and comes in soft blue-gray or variegated varieties. The stems topple down, looking absolutely beautiful in containers.

6. String of Pearls

The fleshy, pearl-like, spherical light-green foliage of this charming succulent looks great in hanging planters. It prefers partial sunlight away from scorching afternoon sunlight.

7. Calico Kitten

The variegated foliage has a colorful blend of green, purple, and cream hue on the leaf surface and pink on the margins. This variety looks great in hanging baskets, pots, or even as the ground cover.

8. Parrot’s Beak

You can plant this tropical evergreen both as a houseplant and as an annual in pots. The common name is derived from the parrot-like shape of the flowers.

9. Nasturtium

Nasturtium has lily pad-like foliage and beautiful, bright blooms. It performs well in cool climates when kept well-watered and flowers all season.

10. Little Missy

This sedum forms tiny rosettes of variegated green leaves with beautiful pale green and pink margins. You can grow it in small pots due to the shallow root system.

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11. Asparagus Fern

This fern-like plant features arching plumes of tightly packed needle-like foliage that have a soft and delicate feel. You can grow it as a houseplant in containers.

12. Creeping Inch Plant

Also known as turtle vine or Bolivian Jew, this succulent features fuzzy and soft leaves that are green on the upper side and purple below.

13. Variegated Ground Ivy

The unusual shape of pale green leaves gives this spiller an interesting appearance while they droop on the trailing stems.

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14. Variegated Fuchsia

The striking color combination of yellow and green striped leaves with fuchsia pink blooms look gorgeous in hanging planters.

15. Trailing Pothos

Also known as devil’s ivy, the heart-shaped glossy green leaves with yellow or cream variegation. It is very easy to maintain and grow.

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16. Heart-Leaf Philodendron

This beautiful trailing plant with heart-shaped green leaves spills delicately over the rims of hanging baskets and containers.

17. Wandering Jew

Tradescantia offers charming trailing plants with colorful variegated leave. Have a look at the best varieties here.

18. Spider Plant

This fast-growing plant with baby plantlets hangs beautifully from the container’s edges. It also improves air quality.

Want more Spider Plant Babies? Click here Best Thrillers Thrillers play the role of a tall, bold, and big focal point in your pot with an eye-catching vertical statement. Tall ornamental plants are a great choice for this genre. Spiky flowering plants can also be used.

19. Bromeliad

Bromeliads offer beautiful variegated foliage with gorgeous colorful flower bracts that steal the show. They are an ideal choice for office desks and shelf tops.

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20. Silver Shield

This fuzzy thriller can achieve a good height of up to 3-4 feet with a spread of 2-3 feet. ‘Silver Shield’ is an easy-growing annual that grows best in partial shade.

21. New Zealand Flax

The sword-like leaves can be a focal point in containers. The eye-catching narrow, upright, dark red-brown foliage can grow up to 2-3 feet tall.

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22. Umbrella Grass

The tall stems of this plant have beautiful leaflets, which resemble an open umbrella with pointy ends, giving it a grass-like appearance.

23. Purple Fountain Grass

This ornamental grass looks great as a thriller in pots. The burgundy-purple leaves add texture to the burgundy-tinted seedheads.

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