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15 Most Amazing Decor Ideas For Gardening With Antiques

I’m a big fan of using antiques and old rustic items to decorate gardens and the landscape whenever they might apply. And of course, they don’t always work in all plans. Still, when you can make it work, you can possibly create a piece of decor that’s a conversation or contemplation object. How can we preserve and keep old implements and tools to show off the plants in our gardens?

The trick is finding a balance.  You wouldn’t necessarily want to live in a rusty junkyard, but, the lovely rusty patina contrasts so beautifully with fresh green foliage in the garden, so a piece here and there works nicely.

1.Wrought iron wall art

2. Glorious grinding stone

3. Old Scale turn to planter

4. This project reused a rusty old fashioned bicycle to novel effect

5.Antiques Manual Push Seeder

6. Antique Garden with Rustic Seating

7. Old dresser turn to planter

8. Old rusty farm planter under a tree

9. Whiskey Barrel Planter

10. Vintage Bike Flower Stand

11. Antique Stone Garden Fountain

12.Country Garden Decoration Ideas

13. Old water pump and wheels

14. Big antique windows

15. Beautiful decorations

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